Facilitators are the key people in the Share Bibles network because they are the ones who are making distribution happen on the ground.

  • Facilitators are usually the ones who are taking the Bible resources (print Bibles, audio Bibles, SD cards, etc.) and putting them into the hands of those who will go home by home distributing them. Facilitators connect with the distributors on a regular basis.
  • Facilitators organize and plan the distribution of resources to local neighborhoods, districts and states/provinces.
  • Facilitators are the ones who most need to keep track of where distribution has occurred and where it still needs to go.

Facilitators are the ones we want to empower to track Bible distribution in their Omega Zone

Facilitators can create Invites for the users to sync up their data in the local Omega Zone.
What are invites?Invites are short-term (14 days) access tokens to the regional database. Invites give users the permission to download past distribution and upload data created by the user.

Where do I get Invites from?
The Share Bibles admin site is available for approved facilitators. By logging in they can create invites and share them with the local users. Just Copy and paste the invite code into your preferred form of communication and send it to a user.

How can I become a facilitator?
We 're not granting this privilege to everyone, but only to those who have proven to legitimately facilitate regular bible distribution in their omega zone. If you would like to become a facilitator and fulfill the expectations of a facilitator, please fill out the application form below.
- Green pins represent successful distribution status (Accepted, Have Bible, and Delivered).
- Blue pins represent the locations where another resource is needed.
- Yellow pins represent the locations that will be returned to later (Retry status).
- Red pins represent the rejected status.
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